Watch our short demo video series to see the AI MAXTools suite of solutions for Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) in action. See how easy the tools are to use and how they allow you be more productive and efficient in all phases of the design process such as: profile creation, part duplication, part modification, and data import and export just to name a few.

AI MAXTools Installation:

max-install.pngSee how simple it is to install AI MAXTools and set it up to be loaded each time Modeling starts. It doesn't get much easier than this!

AI DesignMAX:

New! AI Duplicate Assembly:

dupassy.pngDuplicate an assembly and easily control which components are shared and which are copied -- all in a single operation! Even change the component names and model names at the same time! AI Duplicate Assembly makes it easy!

AI UniversalMove 2 Points in Direction:

unimove-2ptdir.pngSee how easy it is to move Assemblies, Parts, Faces, Workplanes, and 2D geometry -- all in the same operation! AI Universal Move makes it super simple!

AI MAX Workplane:

maxwp-main.pngEasily create a workplane on a face, align it so that its chosen axis is aligned with a specified direction, and add construction and real geometry -- all from the same function! AI MAX Workplane is the easiest way to create and align workplanes!


viewhq-main-play.pngAI MAX ViewHQ makes it easy to work with components of large assemblies.

AI QSave combined with AI MAX ViewHQ:

qsave-save-load-dl (1).pngUse AI QSave to save a date-coded package file, and how to use the Save and Load Drawlists functionality of AI MAX ViewHQ to save defined Drawlists and Favorite Views to share with other project team members. Then load the objects and drawlists back in at a later time. Great for Design Reviews and Presentations, too!

AI MAX Share:

2ptDirTotalDist0-sm.pngNew!  2 Points in Direction Total Distance: Easily create multiple instances of objects and/or features in a single operation! Use the new "Total Distance" option to equally space a number of instances within the specified distance (including between two points -- no measuring required!). Check it out!

circElemAuto-thumb-small.pngCircular Elements: Super-fast part duplication with the new Automatic Element selection! It really doesn't get any easier than this!

maxshare-2ptdirRail.png2 Points in Direction: Easily duplicate a part and feature to multiple locations along a direction!

maxshare-circelems.pngCircular Elements: Share a part to multiple locations quickly and easily using AI MAX Share. Share multiple parts at the same time using the "Circular Elements" positioning method, and easily continue after being interrupted. Notice that the new part names are updated intelligently -- no . part names!

maxshare-2ptplane (1).png2 Points in Plane: You can easily share a part and duplicate a feature to multiple locations in one operation using AI MAX Share. This example shares a single part using the "2 Points in Plane" positioning method to position the new parts and features using reference elements from other parts! Now updated to use the "QuickPlace" functionality!

maxshare-2pt (1).png2 Points: Max shows how to share a part to multiple locations quickly and easily using AI MAX Share. This time he shares a single part using the "2 Points" positioning method, and shows how to use the "Reference Directions" option to control part orientation.


Reference Parts: Max shows how easy it is to create duplicate parts relative to existing parts using AI MAX Share using the "Reference Parts" positioning method.

maxshare-dupfeat.pngDuplicate Features Only: Max shows how easy it is to duplicate features, even without duplicating parts using AI MAX Share. Here, he uses the "Duplicate Features" option with the "Two Points" positioning method, and simply does NOT select an object to duplicate.

maxshare-2ptdir.png2 Points in Direction: Max shows how easy it is to duplicate a part and a feature projecting a point along a specified direction using AI MAX Share with the "2 Points in Direction" positioning method.

AI MultiRename:

multirename-main.pngMax shows how easy it is to rename multiple parts simultaneously using AI MultiRename. Renaming objects couldn't be easier!

AI ReplacePart:

replacepart-main.pngMax shows how easy it is to replace one part with another using AI Replace Part. Replacing objects to keep the BOM consistent couldn't be easier!

AI UnShare and Group:

unsharegroup-main.pngMax shows how easy it is to divide a group of shared parts into two separate groups using AI UnShare and Group. Just a few clicks and he's finished!


AI MAX Export:

maxexport-main.pngMax shows how easy it is to export data using AI MAX Export. He exports multiple objects into multiple formats in a single operation, including creating zip files for each object containing all selected formats.

AI MAX Export2D:

export2d-sm.pngExport drawings from Annotation into multiple formats: PDF, DXF, DWG, IGES2D. Works in batch mode to convert multiple files at once. Now with Searchable PDFs!

export2d-srchpdf-sm.pngCreate searchable PDF documents from your Annotation drawings. Works with the current drawing, or in batch mode to convert multiple files at once!


New!  AI Bill of Materials for Annotation

aibom-anno.pngUse the AI Bill of Materials generator to create your BOM tables in Annotation. All of the AI BOM customization options can be used to generate your Annotation BOM table. Easily change parameters, add/remove/reorganize columns, etc, all with immediate preview. The best way to generate BOM tables for your Annotation drawings!

Updated!  AI Bill of Materials Generator:

aibom-main.pngGenerate a quick bill of Materials, including attributes from Model Manager. Even include bitmaps for each object! Great timesaver when you want a quick and easy PDF of your Bill of Materials!