As part of our commitment to helping you get the most out of your investment in PTC and CoCreate tools, we strive to provide world-class, unmatched customer service and support, as well as providing a means for our customers to help each other.   We are continually making enhancements to our tools based on your recommendations and requests for what you need to be even more efficient and effective when designing. 

If you need assistance with some specific functionality, please let us know -- we'd love to help (and it’s likely that your ideas will be included in a future version of the AI MAXTools products)!

Please see the following support resources to learn more.

Ask a Question

Click here to ask us questions – whether technical or otherwise.  This will allow you to send an email to our support team.  We will respond to your request within one business day – often much faster!

AI MAXTools Community Forum

Our forum discussion boards provide our users (i.e. you!) a place to read announcements and news, to request new features and report unexpected behavior (i.e. bugs), and to help each other, both with questions and answers and posting their own tips and tricks.

Additional Information:

Evaluation Mode
Learn more about the evaluation/demo mode of AI MAXTools. 

Installation and Licensing
Learn more about the how to install AI MAXTools and how AI MAXTools' Licensing works.

Loading AI MAXTools when Modeling Starts
Learn how to set Modeling to load AI MAXTools to load every time Modeling starts.

Loading AI MAXTools (single-use)
Learn how to load AI MAXTools into your current Modeling session.

Hardware ID
Learn what the Hardware ID is for your License Server and where to find it.